The wall

Director : Dariusz Glazer
Screenplay : Dariusz Glazer
Producer : Ewa Jastrzębska
Actors : Tomasz Schuchardt (Turek), Marta Nieradkiewicz (Agata), Aleksandra Konieczna (Turek's mother), Dariusz Toczek (real estate agent), Ewa Telega, Ewa Kasprzyk (Ewa), Piotr Machalica (doctor), Ewa Kolasińska (neighbour), Rafał Maćkowiak (Bolek), Krzysztof Olszewski ("Mały")
Year of production : 2014
Running time : 90 min

We encounter Turek at the moment when he's ‘going over' the eponymous wall, leaving his mother and renting a flat on the estate. At the same time, in his opinion, he will become more normal. However, he quickly grows into the conviction that the drab reality which he wants to escape is not going to let him go that easily and realises that he can't become someone else until he puts his life in order and sorts out all the baggage of his life so far.


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