Munk Studio

Munk Studio functions within the structures of Polish Filmmakers Association and was set up to focus exclusively on producing directorial debut films. The goal of the studio is to discover and support talented young directors in making creative, art-house cinema.

Apart from long feature debuts, Munk Studio is producing 30 minutes-long live-action debuts, 10-15 minutes length documentary debuts and 3-5 minutes length animation debuts. Our short films are present at various international festivals and two of them were nominated to European Film Award: “Glass Trap” the short documentary directed by Paweł Ferdek (2009) and “Hanoi-Warsaw” the short feature directed by Katarzyna Klimkiewicz, which won the EFA this year.

Up until now Munk Studio has developed an omnibus film „Demaquillage” consisting of three half-hour episodes directed by young female directors. Bartek Konopka's debut entitled „Fear of Falling” is the first long feature film, entirely produced by the Studio. Bartek Konopka is 2010 Oscar-nominee for his short Documentary „Rabbit a la Berlin”. Another full-length feature is, Maria Sadowska's “Women's Day”. The Studio is currently working on the development of further full-length feature debuts to be made by Poland's most talented young directors.


Munk Studio is a joint initiative of the Polish Filmmakers Association, the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, the Polish Film Institute and Polish Television (TVP). Their support guarantees Studio a stable budget for film production, while its experienced team ensures that the films produced by the young directors are of high artistic value.


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