Become a sponsor, support Polish culture and art.

PPFF is the most comprehensive event promoting polish cinema and art in the world.

Every year at the beginning of October, our Festival of Polish cinema begins as we show the latest productions – feature films, short films, animations and documentaries. To compliment our success of reaching an annual audience of 20,000 people, we host workshops, concerts, exhibitions and meetings with special guests in addition to film screenings. Play Poland not only consists of film screenings but also visual arts.

The event in summary: 12 cities in the UK, Canada and Malaysia, 45 film screenings, 8 exhibitions and 7 organisations working together on one goal – promoting Polish culture in the United Kingdom.

We offer you 3 standard levels of sponsorship, which include numerous benefits. As a sponsor, you are entitled to:

• Publish advert of your company in our programme brochure;
• Place your logo in our programme (circulation 10,000) leaflets (25,000), posters (1000);
• Include information about your company and hyperlinks in the sponsor section of our bilingual website;
• Post textual and graphic information about your company on our Facebook page;
• Place your skyscraper banner on our website;
• Mention your company in press releases;
• Mention your company during the opening gala at the Sheraton Hotel in Edinburgh, where up to 2 roll up banners will be displayed;
• Facilitate interactions with the audience and distribute your merchandise (promo literature and goodie bags);
• Display your logo in the festival’s promo video during the opening gala;
• Display your logo in the festival’s promo video before festival screenings in cinemas and other venues;
• Place textual and graphic information about your company in the event newsletter;

We would be happy to discuss your needs and offer other options that are attractive for you.Please find more information in the Play Poland Sponsorship Opportunities booklet enclosed.

Thank you for your time and hope for a positive response. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us.

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