The 5th Polish Short Film Festival “Short Waves” is being held

The opening of the 5th Polish Short Film Festival “Short Waves” took place in Poznań on 4th of April



Festival competition

The festival received 150 applications from film schools and artistic studios, from which 9 films have been chosen for the festival competition. 

At this year’s competition the public will be able to see:

• A collage “Photon” by Alexander Pawlik

• A video clip “Shape” by the duo Katarzyna Kijek and Przemysław Adamski

• An animated documentary “The Governance of Love” by Adela Kaczmarek

• A clay animation “Sponge Ideas” by Katarzyna Nalewajka and Paulina Szewczyk

• A drama entitled “The Guardians” by Krzysztof Szota

• A feature “All Souls’ Day” by Aleksandra Terpińska

• An animation “What happens when children don’t eat soup” by Paweł Prewencki,,

• A literary film “To Love Life” by Piotr Bosacki

• A social story “A memory of last summer” by Kuba Gryżewski and Ivo Krankowski.

The chosen films will tour almost 50 different cities till 28th of April, including Warsaw, Berlin, London and Helsinki. The films will be judged by an international jury, which will award one of the films the Short Waves Pro prize. The Grand Prix of the festival will be based on the audience’s vote.


Numerous events in Poznań

Besides of the festival competition the audience in Poznań will have a chance to take part in many film-related events within 3 weeks of the festival. The program includes screenings from London Short Film Festival, Zebra Poetry from Berlin, ExGround from Wiesbaden, Filmowe Podlasie, Midnight Movies, Forward Motion and the presentation of achievements of Munk Studio.


The festival is organized by Ad Arte Foundation.

Detailed programme and news from the festival can be found on: www.shortwaves.pl/


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