A free screening of 'As you see' in Edinburgh!

On 12 June 2013, 6:30 pm a free film screening of ‘As you see’ took place. The event was organised in Stills Film Lounge in Edinburgh.


‘As you see’ (‘Wie man sieht’) directed by Harun Farocki is made up of "many details creating a lot of image-image and word-image and word-word relationships among them".

It tells a story of human beings, machines and the production images which are given a new meaning.

The film was screened in German with English subtitles. Introduction was made by Second Sight artist Valentina Bonizzi.


The associated event is an exhibition ‘The Freedom of the Portrait?', which will take place today, on 13 June in Scottish National Portrait Gallery.

There will be a discussion (Valentina Bonizzi with Robin Gillanders) about 'The Freedom of the Portrait' as well.


Source: www.stills.org

Katarzyna Własińska
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