Citizen directed by Jerzy Stuhr

Jerzy Stuhr has started shooting “Citizen” in Warsaw and Łódź. It is a storybased on the director’s biography which includes six decades of the modern history of Poland. Stuhr is at the same time the film’s director, scriptwriter and plays the leading character. 


The newest picture of Jerzy Stuhr holds sixty years of an “average citizen” with the many events from the modern history of Poland including 1956, March 1968, 1970, martial law, the first free elections and free Poland till the year 2014. The film tells a story of Jan Bratek’s who regretfully always finds himselfat the heart of events. Bratek,educated as Polish studies teacher, takes on different kinds of jobs, works as cultural and educational instructor, teacher and, for a while,even leads a folk band and works as an extra in historic films. He is also madly in love with his wife played by Sonia Bohosiewicz.
The main character is first shown in his mature age than going back to his youth and finally toBratek’s childhood during 1950s. The part of the older characted is played by Jerzy Stuhr, while his son, Maciej Stuhr plays the part of the youngercharacter. Among the cast we can also find Sonia Bohosiewicz, Janusz Gajos, Barbara Horawianka, Magdalena Boczarska, Cezary Kosiński, Violetta Arlak, Wojciech Malajkat, Ireneusz Czop and Piotr Głowacki.
In the interview given to the Polish Press Agency, Jerzy Stuhr stressed that his inspiration to write the scenario of “Citizen” was his own life.
“I don’t think there are many people in Europe who like us had such an interesting life, to be brought up in the era of JosephStalin regimeand finish in a free country with Solidarity, martial law, the election of the Polish pope and the liberation along the way. That was an extraordinary life” – said Stuhr while talking about the generation he represents.
The cinematographer is Paweł Edelman. “Citizen” is scheduled to come out in the autumn 2014.
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