'Judas Goat' directed by Pavel Shepan awarded.

Recently released mini series about a vampire’s servant caught in the middle of a deadly conflict between the undead - directed and written by Pavel Shepan - has won the Scottish BAFTA New Talent in 2014 for Cinematography.


Shepan is a young director with a penchant for the funny, the scary and various blends of the two. Likes genre films, good pacing and things meaning things. Fond of the unusual, but believes there’s nothing difficult about being a misunderstood artist. Having graduated from Screen Academy Scotland, Pavel wrote and directed several TV commercials and short films. Judas Goat was his first feature-length project.

'There’s a fanged elephant in the room. Because first of all - WHY be excited about a vampire mini series? For one thing, the protagonist is not a vampire’s love interest or a vampire hunter. He's a vampire’s servant, torn between his cruel master and his enemies. It’s a dangerous game, with fatal consequences and uncertain rules. Digging deeper, Mike is a prisoner on more than one level. Much like an undead wight, his past haunts him on the inside, slowly seeping his strength. Can he navigate the treacherous waters and break free or will he drown, swept by the currents beyond his control? The perspective of a monster’s servant is not used very often in vampire fiction, which is partly why it was so exciting to work on Judas Goat, to bring this story to the screen. It felt fresh and unique enough to be worth telling, and we were simply thrilled to have our efforts appreciated to such an extent.

We don’t want our audience to feel like they’ve seen this story a hundred times before. They’re genre-savvy, they know their Nosferatus and True Bloods. We haven’t made any outlandish changes to the lore, our bloodsuckers are quite traditional. We do, however, want our viewers to be surprised, to look at familiar themes and tropes from new and uncommon angles. Season 1’s story arc has a clear beginning, middle and end, but scattered throughout are references to what’s going on behind the scenes. Hopefully future seasons will allow us to elaborate on those hooks and explore the consequences Mike’s story has on the bigger picture.' - says Pavel Shepan in the director's statement.

The mini series was created and directed in collaboration with producer Bianca Herold, Screen Academy Scotland and V20 Europe. The series was shot in Scotland owing to the efforts of an international cast and crew, including lead actress Susanne Wuest (”Goodnight Mommy”, now in cinemas). Judas Goat has won the Scottish BAFTA New Talent in 2014 for Cinematography.

Further information about 'Judas Goat' is available on website: www.judas-goat.com

Pavel will lead Film Workshop during the Play Poland Film Festival, on Thursday, November 27th. Further information can be found here:

'Do it like they do in the industry! - Film Workshop 

Judas Goat press release
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