Short Waves Festival's grand finale has started!


Bigger and more surprising. Short Waves Festival and its Grand Prix Tour will be in almost 100 cities on six continents from 6 March. Poznań is waiting on the finishing line and on 22 March a one-week long celebration of film and video art will erupt.



SHORT AND CONCISELY. Up to thirty minutes, with some exceptions but never longer than it is necessary. Films presented on Short Waves Festival are disciplined and authentic. No fillers and compromise. Carefully selected from Polish and world productions.

GLOBALLY. As usual, the festival is commenced by a world tour of Polish short films: Grand Prix Tour (6 – 22. 03.2015). This time it involves a record number of almost 100 cities on six continents. The award for the best film selected out of seven competing productions will be granted by viewers from Bulgaria to Mexico who will make their decision in clubs, coffee houses and big movie theatre halls.

PRESTIGIOUSLY. Short Waves Festival means the highest prizes for creators of short cinema in Poland. This year’s pool of prizes is PLN 80 000. Young filmmakers will strive to obtain laurel wreaths in five competitions: travelling Grand Prix Tour and Poznań Open, Dances with Camera, Urban View and Best of Seven, all of which will be organized stationary.

DIVERSELY. This year’s edition of SWF brings some novelties as far as the programme is concerned. Premiere competitions: Urban View which is an international contest of films devoted to architecture, design and city planning and Best of 7 which is an exclusive selection of seven world titles chosen by programmers of the most prominent festivals in Europe. Moreover, coverage from Maidan in Kiev and film actions in inappropriate places.

INTENSIVELY. Eight days in Poznań (22 – 29. 03) full of offers for young viewers, the youth, adults (sometimes only for adults) and senior citizens. To each, his... new. Moreover, the festival’s programme includes a lot of fresh music and art living outside conventional areas. Short Waves Festival 2015 does not provide any time for boredom.

INDUSTRIALLY. And educationally. One of the new pillars of SWF is a set of discussion panels called Industry Days. There will be four meetings during which professional filmmakers and decision makers will share their knowledge and experience in the area of professional training, production or regional development prospects. Industry Days is an event open for the audience.


Short Film Festival Short Waves is one of the largest and most prestigious film events in Poland. The new edition will begin with the global route of competition screenings - Grand Prix Tour held on 6-22 March 2015, while the final part will take place on 22-29 March 2015 in Poznań.



source: http://shortwaves.pl/en/about-festival
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