2. DFF: Acclaimed Polish films in Partner Nation program

2nd DokuMA Film Festival will feature seven Polish documentaries as a part of the Partner Nation program. The Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Zagreb is one of the festival’s main partners.


The films were selected by the Polish Film Institute whose selection includes two Academy Award nominated short documentaries ”Joanna” (2013) directed by Aneta Kopacz and ”Our Curse” (Nasza klatwa, 2013) directed by Tomasz Sliwinski.

”Joanna” tells a story of a blogger who started to write after finding out she has cancer and just a few months to live. Her story inspired many people as she shows us how to live in the moment and savor every second in life. ”Our Curse”is a portrait of a married couple tasked with taking care of a newborn suffering from rare medical condition known as Ondine’s curse. The director’s diary-esque style makes the audience a protagonist in both the traumatic and the warmest moments in his own family’s everyday life.

Films ”’Self(Less) Portrait” (Portrét (beze)mne, 2012, D: Matej Bobrik), ”Walking Under Water” (2014, D: Eliza Kubarska), ”When I Am a Bird” (Kiedy będę ptakiem, 2013, D: Monika Pawluczuk), ”A Diary of a Journey” (Dziennik z podróży, 2013, D: Piotr Stasik) and ”Father and Son” (Ojciec i syn, 2013, D: Pawel Lozinski) will also be shown in Makarska.

”Father and Son” is a story of two generation of Polish filmmakers, directors Marcel and Pawel Lozinski, who travel to Paris to visit Marcel’s mother’s ashes. However this trip didn’t quite bring the father and son together as planned so it resulted in two different documentary films edited from the same raw footage. The opening ceremony of 2nd DokuMA film Festival will feature Pawel’s take on the story, and it will be screened at the Kačić Square in Makarska on June 3rd at 9 PM.

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