National Centre of Cinematography to be built in Łódź

A new national cultural institution, the National Centre of Cinematography, is to be founded in Łódź, says Polish Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz.


The aim of the National Centre of Cinematography (in Polish: Narodowe Centrum Kultury Filmowej, no official English name has been announced so far) is to organize exhibitions, workshops, and film screenings, as well as to promote Polish culture. The Centre will collect and present the works of the greatest Polish filmmakers.
The news was announced during the Thursday meeting between Polish Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz, Minister of Culture and National Heritage Małgorzata Omilianowska and President of Łódź Hanna Zdanowska. The meeting ended with signing the letter of intent.

“Certainly, the Centre will serve both the citizens of Łódź and the promotion of Polish culture. I’m glad that it will be built here, in Łódź”.
– said the Prime Minister.

It was underlined in the letter of intent that “Łódź has a rich and diversified filmmaking heritage that is a vital element of its contemporary development strategy”. Several Łódź-based film institutions were mentioned, including the Łódź Film School and the Academy of Film at the University of Łódź. Among the alumni of Łódź Film School are Roman Polański, Krzysztof Kieślowski and Andrzej Wajda. 

The construction contract is to be signed before 30 September 2015. Then, the process of integrating the Łódź film institutions is to begin.

“The aim is to create a unitary organization and cooperation among the various institutes of culture in order to educate and promote Polish filmmaking heritage. The integration will therefore unify the signing parties under the National Centre of Cinematography”.
– reads the letter of intent.

The new institute will serve as a centre for promotion, education and research. Workshops and exhibitions will be organized, as well as 3D screenings and classes on audiovisual culture. A research magazine is also planned to be issued. The Centre will be founded in the newly-revitalized EC1 site of the former power plant at Targowa Street, Łódź.

Translated by Paweł Trzaskowski, July 2015

Source: PAP
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